22 Commitments for 2022

If you are reading this, then, statistically speaking, you are likely to see the arrival of a new year at the close of this week. What a blessing that is, right?

New years always bring with them new hopes for our lives. To be sure, no one should ever wait until January 1st to initiate the change needed in life, but since we are here, at this threshold, changes are worth considering. And so, as we step into 2022, I am asking all of you guys to join me in making a few commitments that, at their minimum, will shape our daily walks and help produce some positive results.

(1) Wake up everyday giving thanks, and pray more fervently throughout the day.

(2) Strive to put aside at least one bad habit.

(3) Set at least one new goal to accomplish each month, and act to bring one of your dreams into reality.

(4) Learn at least one new skill that can better your life. Invest in yourself, and remember to be patient, because growth takes time.

(5) Read ambitiously.

(6) Travel broadly.

(7) Talk to strangers, and make new friends.

(8) Have new experiences in life that forge great memories.

(9) Keep a journal, and write frequently about your experiences and ideas.

(10) Pay more attention to your health and wellness.

(11) Drink more water, and eat less processed foods.

(12) Maintain a balanced temperament.

(13) Do not go to bed angry with a loved one. Forgive.

(14) Be present. Limit your time on social media and with other distractions.

(15) Do not succumb to complacency, to fear, or to ignorance. Always be learning; always be exploring.

(16) Avoid drama and low-frequency people. Make no room for toxicity. Surround yourself with those who inspire you.

(17) Save more. Buy fewer unnecessary things.

(18) When things change around you— recognize the change, accept the new reality, adapt through the transition, and heal from the way things were.

(19) Remove clutter from your life. Do not hold on to items, just in case they could be useful later. Dispose of all the old texts and messages that take your eyes off of where you’re going and only draw you back to the past.

(20) Smile everyday, even if it is a struggle to do so. Find the positive in every situation, and refrain from doling out negative words.

(21) Manage your time as if it is the most precious thing you have. Set boundaries that don’t permit people to squander it.

(22) Be kind. Be charitable. Shine as a light in lives of the people around you. Help them to understand and cultivate their own potential.



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Gary C. Harrell

Gary C. Harrell

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