Things You Learn, 10 March 2023

Gary C. Harrell
2 min readMar 16, 2023
[Photo credit: Unknown]

It is in the most unexpected moment, when we recognize just how fleeting life really is. That recognition can come in the middle of the day, when it’s business as usual — and then, suddenly, none of that matters anymore. It can also come in the wee hours of the morning, now in the form of a text message, that upends your rest. We all imagine that we have more time to do more, to say more, to be more. But we don’t.

While we are here, though, there is so much we can do, each day, that will make a greater difference in the world around us. And those instructions are simple.

For starters, show gratitude; understand that the last breath you took, and very next breath you take, are both gifts, and that everything else beyond those inhalations and exhalations point to how blessed your life truly is.

Take the time to check on your tribe without resting on the assumption that everyone is okay; make sure your people know just how much you love them.

Don’t sleep on your dream, and don’t be afraid to take the great leaps for which you are truly destined.

Explore this big, diverse, and exciting world of ours; try new things, go to faraway places, meet unique people, and build uncommon relationships.

Contribute positively to your sphere of influence; be reasonably generous with your time, talent, and treasure.

Find opportunity in every struggle; and never be too proud to lean on the counsel of loved ones and experts when you are overwhelmed.

Be slow to anger; operate with a calm perspective of the long term; choose fact over favor and consensus over divisiveness; and work today to resolve any differences that will seem petty tomorrow.

Indeed, life is short, and regardless of how well we plan, no part of the future is promised to anyone of us. Even still, if we use the time we do have here together to benefit even one other life, the impact will be greater than we imagine.